Pre Workout Granola


Yo guyz! Hope you are having an awesome week so far. So for today’s recipe I’m going to take a different approach to my typical pre workout feeding and go the whole food route versus my typical powder or smoothie. Change is a good thing. So today, I’m bringing you this crazy good pre workout granola inspired from the Thrive Energy cookbook by Brendan Brazier. If you haven’t picked up his cookbook. I highly recommend you do that ASAP! What ever diet you follow (paleo,vegetarian, vegan etc), you can’t go wrong with this beautifully put together cookbook. It’s major eye candy with a wealth of knowledge on plant based nutrition.

What makes this recipe so cool and versatile is that you can make it however you want. If you want to make it grain free you can swap out the rolled oats. If you want to make a paleo-esque style granola you can used a variety of different nut, seeds, coconut blends. You starting to get the idea here! Basically, I took the pre workout granola base recipe then tweaked it to my liking with a few added additions!


Let’s now move onto the bread and butter of this recipe and get down to business!

Spicy Pre Workout Granola

-1 cup gluten free rolled oats
-1 cup fresh or frozen blueberries (cranberries go great here too!)
-1 cup almonds
-1/2 cup sunflower seeds
-1/2 cup cashews
-1/2 cup pumpkin seeds
-1/2 cup sesame seeds
-1/2 cup chia seeds
-2 Tbsp cacao nibs
-1/4 cup coconut shreds
-1 tsp sea salt

***Organic when possible***

-1/4 to 1/3 cup coconut nectar or maple syrup grade B
-1 Tbsp ceylon cinnamon
-1 Tbsp turmeric
-1/8 tsp cardamon
-1 tsp maca powder
-1 tsp ginger
-2 to 4 Tbsp green tea matcha powder
-1/4 to 1/3 cup melted coconut oil
-2 to 4 Tbsp water

***Organic when possible***

Preheat oven to 250F (120C)

In a large mixing bowl, combine the oats, berries, variety of nuts/seeds, cacao nibs, coconut shreds and sea salt. Stir until well combined.

In a small mixing bowl, mix together the coconut oil, liquid sweetener of choice, water and spices.

Combine the dry with the wet ingredients. Once done, spread everything onto a baking sheet.

Aim to bake for 45-55 minutes. If you would like, you can mix and stir halfway through the baking cycle.


***The reason for the low baking temperature is to preserve the nutrients and beneficial essential fatty acids present in the nuts and seeds. The granola is all about low and slow***

The result… is spot on!! It definitely has a nice kick to it!! This would be perfect for a long run, bike or other intense workout exceeding 2 hours.


FullSizeRender (10)

The combination of matcha, turmeric and cayenne really accelerates your fat burning potential and boosts blood flow throughout the body. If you want to take this recipe to another level! You could even add beet root powder! Have fun with this granola recipe! The combinations you can do here is endless! Yolo!

***Tip for the week is to pick up something new and challenging. Start a new hobby or get really good at some type of craft. You might be surprised where this takes you in the long run.***

That is all for now guyz! Keep rocking out your week.

Beet Root Nitrous Shot

beetroot-687251_1920 (1)

Yo everyone! Hope everyone is having a stellar week so far and attacking the week working with vigor and passion!

So if you are like me and want to fuel your body with the very best of the best. It’s easy to overload your system on the caffeine prior to a training session or competition. This not only sets one up for a potential post workout crash. It also places more stress on the adrenal glands especially if you have already had a cup of coffee earlier in the morning.

Typically, my go to pre workout drink mix is the Vega Pre Workout Energizer either in Acai Berry or Lemon Lime flavor depending on the mood. I really enjoy the effect I get from the Natural Force Nutrition Raw Tea mixture as well. Both of those drinks have around 100 mg of caffeine in them. If you want to take a break from the usual powder form and mix things up a bit. This pre workout elixir will more than satisfy that requirement. Using whole real unprocessed plant ingredients as the basis for this drink. This elixir will prime your workout with these highlight ingredients:

-Beets contain naturally occurring nitrates, known to boost nitric oxide production (NO) to enhance blood flow to the working muscles and brain by relaxing the blood vessels. Beets also contain a compound called betalains, known to improve mental disorders like depression and dementia. Beets are wonderful for male and female sexual health as beets contain boron, which is necessary for the production of the human sex hormones.

-Ginger (rhizome) root contains the famous compound called gingerol, known for it’s anti-inflammatory properties and aids in digestion. Especially great if you experience performance anxiety before competing. This could certainly help in that department! Ginger is great for relieving symptoms of nausea, vertigo and other gastrointestinal distress. Ginger is known to reduce muscle pain/soreness following exercise.

-Apples particular in reference to the skin of the apple contain this compound called Quercetin, which has been shown to reduce allergy symptoms and along with having anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic properties. Quercetin also increases the density of the mitochondria coupled with exercise. Pretty neat stuff!

Beet Root Nitrous Shot:

-2 organic oranges

-2 organic beets with the beet greens

-1 organic granny smith or fuji apple

-2 to 3 stalks of celery

-1/2 lemon or 1 lemon depending on how much lemon you like

-1/2 to 1 inch piece of ginger (depending on how gingery you like it!)

-Juice all ingredients. Aim to consume 30 to 45 minutes prior to exercise or competition.

FullSizeRender (7)

FullSizeRender (6)

***Always remember to be mindful of the amount of caffeine you are consuming prior to a workout or competition. While this will vary from person to person in how quickly you metabolize caffeine. I would aim for no more than 100 mg before a workout. Another important take away is to cycle your caffeine consumption. This will give your nervous system and adrenal glands a rest.

Your adrenal glands, which sit right above your kidneys are stimulated upon ingesting caffeine. While this is not to say caffeine is bad. It can be used to enhance athletic performance and boost cognitive performance aka flow state and mental focus. Just please be mindful of how much you are consuming on a daily basis. Main take is away is to nourish through whole food nutrition rather than resort for external stimulants all the time to give you energy. Energy comes from within. Thats all for now guys! Thanks for anyone tuning in for today’s recipe. My goal has been to come out with a new and interesting recipe every Tuesday of the week. So stay tuned for future goodness coming your way!***


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